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Enter the Collective Realm for workshops, seminars, courses, and an ezine, offering you the most powerful psycho-spiritual technologies currently available to resolve core issues, find acceptance, and make peace in your life and in our world. Workshops in Family Repatterning, a form of Family Constellation work, combined with mindfulness, EFT, and other wisdom forms help you change limiting life patterns and reach out to life.

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The One Among The Many

Alison Rose Levy, MA, has practiced health and energy healing since 1990, offering a radiant palette of the most effective techniques, uncovered in her work as a health journalist. A health coach, journalist and best-selling writer, she collaborates on popular books with leading doctors and experts. Alison received her BA from Sarah Lawrence (where she studied with Joseph Campbell and Grace Paley) and her MA from American University. Her use of language, myth, and metaphor is key to her approach. A graduate of the second Hellinger USA training in Systemic Family Constellations, Alison offers Family Healing workshops based on that method.

Alison will be presenting at the 2007 Conference on Systemic Work in Asheville in October. For more information, go to: www.constellationsusa.com/

Please also check out the related site www.family-healing.com for more information and share your questions, responses, thoughts, and comments at Alison@CollectiveRealm.com.

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